School of Biological Sciences Alumni

What can you do with a Biology degree from GT? We’ve profiled some of our recent alumni to illustrate different careers you can pursue with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Georgia Tech. What will you do with yours?

  • Aakanksha Angra
    Aakanksha Angra
    BS Biology 2012, Research Option
    Postdoctoral scholar at Georgia Tech
  • Rachel Azevedo
    Rachel Azevedo
    BS Biology 2015
    Medical student at Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
  • Skyler Brennan
    Skyler Brennan
    BS Biology 2014
    Master of Public Heath student at Emory University
  • Briana Brown
    Briana Brown
    BS Biology 2012
    Doctoral student in Cancer Biology at Emory University
  • Jeffery Cheung
    Jeffery Cheung
    BS Biology 2012
    Pharmacy student at UGA
  • Bill Clark
    Bill Clark
    BS Biology 2014
    Veterinary student at UGA College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Elizabeth Dinh
    Elizabeth Dinh
    BS Biology 2014
    Physician Assistant
  • Joseph Elsherbini
    Joseph Elsherbini
    BS Biology 2013, Research Option
    Doctoral student in Microbiology at MIT
  • Jennifer Goff
    Jennifer Goff
    BS Biology 2014
    Doctoral student in Microbiology at Rutgers
  • Anna Kerlin
    Anna Kerlin
    BS Biology 2015
    Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Nasim Khoshnam
    Nasim Khoshnam
    BS Biology 2014
    Master of Science student in Biology at Georgia Tech
  • Britney Lewis
    Britney Lewis
    BS Biology 2015, Business Option
    Dental student at Dental College of Georgia
  • Dielle Meyer
    Dielle Meyer
    BS Biology 2012
    Medical student at Mercer University School of Medicine
  • Brittany Miles
    Brittany Miles
    BS Biology 2015, Biochemistry Minor
    Doctoral student in Food Science at Ohio State University
  • Morgan Talley Miller
    Morgan Talley Miller
    BS Biology 2014, Chinese Minor
    Educational Research Consultant
  • Dianna Nord
    Dianna Nord
    BS Biology 2015, Research Option
    Healthcare Consultant
  • Clarissa Priore
    Clarissa Priore
    BS Biology 2012
    Clinical Specialist at the Marcus Autism Center
  • Ben Prosser
    Ben Prosser
    BS Biology 2012
    High School Biology Teacher
  • Annie-Rae Rosen
    Annie-Rae Rosen
    BS Biology 2012
    Exhibit Interpreter at Zoo Atlanta
  • Kelsey Sheard
    Kelsey Sheard
    BS Biology 2011
    CDC ORISE Fellow
  • Abigail Shockey
    Abigail Shockey
    BS Biology 2014, Research Option
    Doctoral student in Microbiology at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Emily Stephens
    Emily Hope Stephens
    BS Biology 2014, Business Option
    Dental student at University of Alabama Birmingham
  • Shelby Sweat
    Shelby Sweat
    BS Biology 2103, Business Option
    Medical student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Courtney Wachtel
    Courtney Wachtel
    BS Biology 2014, ThinkBig@Tech Program
    Flow Cytometry Research Assistant at Charles River Laboratories
  • Emily Young
    Emily Young
    BS Biology 2014, Research Option
    Products Research at Proctor & Gamble

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