Academic Program Review

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School of Biology Academic Program Review

FALL 2014

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Every five years, the School of Biology gets evaluated by a team of outside scientists who visits Georgia Tech for a few days and writes a report about our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. The purpose of this exercise is to continue to improve the research, teaching and service activities in the School. A visiting team of five scientists converged on Biology October 5-7 from Purdue University, University of California, Davis, Texas A&M University, and Emory University. Before they arrived, we provided them with a self-study consisting of about 100 pages of narrative, facts and figures about the School. They poked and prodded, asking penetrating questions about our accomplishments and vision for the future. The committee was debriefed by the Provost, Dean and their staff before leaving campus and they will submit a written report by mid-November. The committee was quite complimentary about our students and faculty and encouraged us to expand upon our accomplishments. The photos above were taken at a reception where Biology faculty spoke informally with the visiting committee.