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International Plan

Georgia Tech offers an International Plan through the Office of International Education. The International Plan is a degree-long program of study integrated into your Biology major. It enables you to develop international competence at a professional level so that you can effectively compete in a global marketplace. The Biology program has integrated international studies, language acquisition, and overseas experience into a traditional Bachelor of Science degree. Upon completing the International Plan, your diploma and transcript will state "Bachelor of Science with international Plan". Significant international studies can differentiate your resume from a crowd competing for positions in industry, academia, or medical school. This curriculum can be completed in four years. Please see your Biology advisor to develop a detailed 4-year plan.


Study Abroad

You don’t have to be part of the International Plan to study abroad! The programs below offer excellent opportunities to stay on track with your Biology degree requirements while studying abroad.


Valencia Study Abroad Program in Biology, International Affairs, and Management

This unique interdisciplinary program offers opportunities for upper level biology course credit, core international affairs or management coursework, intensive Spanish, and undergraduate research in laboratories Valencia, Spain. The program is offered in even Summer semesters.


Pacific Study Abroad Program in Biology

Explore the Southern Hemisphere through the Pacific Program. During spring semester, participants will spend six weeks in New Zealand followed by approximately four weeks in Australia and two weeks in Fiji, each location offering something unique that supports the program's academic mission. The program is offered every Spring semester.


Biomolecular Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST) Study Abroad Program in Lyon, France

The BEST program combines study at Georgia Institute of Technology, the premier science and engineering institution in the southern U.S., with a summer experience at CPE-Lyon University, a university rich in history in the chemical sciences, engineering, and technology. Participants can explore the inventions of Louis Pasteur, Victor Grignard, Pierre and Marie Curie while studying in France's "second-city", Lyon.  The program is offered in Summer semesters.


Barcelona Science Study Abroad Program

Interested in studying in the neighborhood of Picasso, Dali, Gaudí, Miró and Messi? The Georgia Tech-Barcelona Science Study Abroad Program is designed for students with a passion to learn science, math, and Spanish as part of an immersive international experience. The program is offered in Fall semesters.


Other Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

In addition, many biology courses are available through Georgia Tech partner universities abroad. Some of these universities teach biology courses in English, such as Hong Kong University, Tokyo Technological University, University of Victoria (New Zealand), National University of Singapore, University of Strathclyde (Scotland), and Bilkent University (Turkey).

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