SoB Researchers Reveal How Small DNA Fragments Trigger Chromosomal Rearrangements and Gene Amplification

Gulf of Mexico Clean-Up Makes 2010 Spill 52-Times More Toxic

NIH awards Georgia malaria research consortium up to $19.4 million contract

New Whale Shark Study Used Metabolomics to Help Understand Shark and Ray Health

Corals Attacked by Toxic Seaweed Use Chemical 911 to Summon Help

Bringing Structure to Bear on RNA Viruses: School of Biology Scientists Provide New Insight on Viral Packing

School of Biology Graduate Student Receives NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship

Georgia Tech's 2012 iGEM Team Wins a Silver Medal

New Research Lists Cell Stiffness as Possible Biomarker

Weitz receives NSF award to study viral-host interactions


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