Performance Stability in Tasks Performed by Two Persons

Stanislaw Solnik, PT
Department of Physical Therapy
University of North Georgia

People frequently coordinate their motor behavior in daily life, and stability of this joint motor performance is crucial for successful implementation of many tasks (e.g., passing a glass of water, care-giver interactions with patients, etc.). When a person executes a task alone, the central nervous system coordinates redundant sets of elements to stabilize task performance. However, when two persons share a task, their nervous systems can only interact via sensory feedback. Thus, it is unclear whether similar coordination strategy may be facilitated in these situations. I will discuss recent projects exploring performance–stabilizing synergies in motor tasks involving two actors, including accurate multi-finger force production and prehension tasks.

Event Details


  • Wednesday, October 18, 2017
    12:00 pm
Location: Applied Physiology Building (555 14th Street NW), Room 1253

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  • Stanislaw Solnik

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